At AVA of Norway, we are passionate about our products and want them to last. Less throwaway, and more focus on maintenance of solid products is simply a good environmental measure. Launching a thorough service program and providing up to 20 year warranty is a part of our contribution to long lasting products.

Master Series:

This machine has a long lasting 4-cylinder metal pump for durability and performance. It is extremely stable due to an extendable front support, low center of gravity and our “follow me” hose reel.

GO Series:

The GO was engineered and designed for those of you which is in the market for a lightweight pressurewasher, easy to work with, but still has your expectations for quality and user experience.

Smart Series

The AVA Smart is a great balance of quality and affordability. You get a compact form a 3 cylinder V3 pump. Enjoy the smart features like tilt resistant design, follow me hose reel, Short pistol and handy Zoomlance.