AVA Accessories Brass Foam Cannon 110-160 Bar



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brass foam cannon
AVA Accessories Brass Foam Cannon 110-160 Bar


The AVA Foam Cannon creates a layer of long-lasting foam that clings to every surface. Exactly how much foam the cannon sprays can be adjusted. It utilizes a high-quality stainless steel mesh filter to mix detergent, water, and air. Most 1-liter bottles fit directly onto the foam cannon. This foam cannon works with 110-160 Bar machines.

Follow these guidelines to ensure good foam generation:

  •  Not all detergents have foaming agents. You can still apply them to the Foam Cannon, but they do not necessarily turn into thick foam.
  • The water flow from the pressure washer greatly impacts the mix ratio. Set the mix to a lower setting with smaller pressure washer models.
  •  The thicker the detergent, the higher setting on the Foam Cannon is needed for a proper mix.
  •  Due to these variables, it’s not possible to set an exact mixing ratio. The general rule is: Use the lowest possible setting that gives a desirable result.
  •  Always spray a while with the bottle detached after cleaning, to properly rinse the inside of the Foam Cannon and prevent detergent from drying and clogging the product.

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