AVA Accessories Angled Lances



AVA Accessories Angled Lances
AVA Accessories Angled Lances

AVA Angled lances comes in 90° angle and 135° angle, and ensures easier access to places that are hard to reach with a normal gun and lance combination.

They are ideal to use when cleaning the gutter, pipes, corners, under the car, wheel wells or other tight spotted places.

These lances feature a 40° nozzle. They have a rubber protections at their tips, so you won’t risk scratching the surface you are cleaning.

The 135° angled lance is perfect for cleaning the gutters while without the need for a ladder. It allows you to spray the gutters from the perfect angle.
The 90° angled lance can be used when cleaning underneath the car. By using this you do not need to bend down and stand in an uncomfortable position.


Angle bend

90°, 135°

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