AVA Microfiber Mop w/Waterflow



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The AVA Microfiber Mop w/Waterflow is easy to use on most surfaces, especially your car or windows The different microfiber pads have different structures to fit both smooth and rougher surfaces. The mop has a flexible joint that makes sure that the microfiber pad stays flush to the surface. With the internal low-pressure water flow, the pads stays cleaner for longer. AVA Microfiber Mop comes with one Universal Microfiber Pad.

Click here to view our AVA Microfiber Pad Mix. We recomend the Mix package as it allows you to test out our three different Microfiber Pads.

  • AVA Gentle Microfiber Pad is ment to be used on smooth surfaces such as windows.
  • AVA Universal Microfiber Pad suits most cleaning jobs, and can be used on your car.
  • AVA Dual Action Pad has both long and short fibres. This makes it perfect when cleaning hard-wearing dirt.

All AVA Pads are easily attached to the AVA Microfiber Mop w/Waterflow, and can just as easily be washed and re-used.


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