AVA Turbo Nozzle




The AVA Turbo Nozzle is a rotating high-efficiency nozzle, and it is the most powerful nozzle in AVAs nozzle arsenal. The AVA Turbo Nozzle combines the power of a 0° nozzle with the coverage of a 20° nozzle. It should only be used on hard surfaces and should be kept far away from your car and wooden surfaces. It is highly recommended to try out this nozzle on a less visible area before starting on a larger job. Take extreme care when using this nozzle and always wear the appropriate protection gear.


AVA Color Codes

All AVA nozzles and accessories follow specific color codes that show which AVA models they are compatible with. The color codes should help so that you as a user get the most out of your pressure washer, and so the job becomes as efficient as possible.

Color code AVA Nozzles

On the image above the tip of the bayonet is Green. This is a part of AVAs color coding system. Below you’ll see all three colors and what they mean.

  • Green = P30 -> P70
  • Blue = P80
  • Purple = P90

This means that these nozzles are made for P30 up to and including P70 models. Blue = P80 and Purple = P90.

In addition to the color codes, it is also written which models the machine is compatible with in the neck of the nozzle so that there should be no doubt.
All fixed nozzles from AVA have their own colors and imprints that clearly show the degree of the spray on the selected nozzle. Previously, we marked the nozzles with a small dot in the mentioned colors as shown below.

AVA Color Codes Nozzles

Power Range

P30-P60, P70-P80

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